Cast Iron Confessions


I’m almost too embarrassed to admit it, but I just got around to purchasing my first proper cast iron skillet. I can hear you now — “(Gasp!)” “I declare!” “What the tarnation?!!”

While I realize that you are neither Foghorn Leghorn nor Yosemite Sam, I can’t imagine your real-life disbelief is far off the mark. I mean, I talk about cooking ALL THE TIME. We have like, hundreds of recipes on here. I’m from MISSISSIPPI, for heaven’s sakes! I accept your culinary shaming and the righteous indignation with which it was delivered. Now can we please get on with the introductions? I’d like you to meet Big Molly.


I got Big Molly at Little Hardware in Mountain Brook Village shortly after receiving the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook for Christmas (Thanks, Jen & Ben!). In it, author Deb Perelman (an awesome food blogger) wields her honkin’ cast iron skillet like a culinary swiss army knife, browning, braising, baking, and generally making tons of tasty magic. I simply had to have one for my mischief!


Truth be told, I’m not a complete cast iron novice. When I moved in with my partner David seven years ago, I inherited a tiny little cast iron skillette (see what I did there? Grin.) I mean, if Puss in Boots were to make anchovy omelets for his Lady Cat Callers, this is the skillet he would use. See how Petite Polly nestles right down into Big Molly’s generously seasoned embrace?


So I was glad to trade up and graduate to a “traditionally built” cast iron skullet. “U” feels like a more substantial vowel than “I,” yes? I christened Big Molly with an odd dish from the Smitten Kitchen book — Roasted Chicken with Olives and Grapes. Yes, GRAPES. Here’s a peek.


It was a little weird, but good. Subsequent recipes have been increasingly pleasing. The real tests are yet to come — GIANT cornbread, and yes … Fried Chicken! Thank goodness they built a new fire department just two blocks away in Avondale!

Wish me luck — and the arm strength to dance around this kitchen with Big Molly! Bring on the Mischief! 😉

PS: In the meantime, check out Deb’s blog and try out some of her recipes, or take a peek at the tasty cast iron slideshow I stumbled upon over at Taste of the South.


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3 Responses to “Cast Iron Confessions”

  1. Carla Jean Says:

    Yeah! Hooray for your big step. I just got a cast-iron skullet for my birthday last year. It’s Le Creuset, because Mom and Daddy spoil me. And I LOVE it.

  2. cafecasey Says:

    I love cast iron. I got my grandmother’s. No one wanted it, and I was so psyched. I also have dutch ovens. I do everything with them. Except cook Indian food, because if you do that, you will have the next seventy meals tasting like curry. Love this entire blog. Thanks for these posts!

  3. Randall Warren Says:

    Try braising a good steak in your iron skillit. Rub or coat steak with butter, salt to taste, black pepper. Sear on one side 5 min and turn and sear 5 more min. This would be a steak less than an inch thick. Black iron skillets can be used almost for anything. Biscuits and cornbread are the most popular item cooked in this skillet.

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