Mischief Tested & Mischief Approved!


All photos by Ray Hydrick...big mouth by Matthew

I bought a new toy and I am quite excited about it!  It is a new Zoku popsicle maker.  Yes, I know what you are thinking – why would a thirty-year-old man want a popsicle maker.  Let me tell you the back story.  When the Ray and I went to New Orleans last summer we happened upon the best gourmet popsicles I have ever eaten.  One popsicle flavor in particular was the strawberry-basil.  Sounds weird but it so works.  After doing my research and watching Alton Brown, the key to a good popsicle is freezing the liquid very quickly.  Without going into a full “Bill Nye the Science Guy” explanation just know the faster something freezes the smaller the ice crystals and easier to eat.  Since I do not own or use liquid nitrogen as a freezing agent I was left with the slowness of my home freezer…which is not fast at all.  So when I was perusing through William-Sonoma I saw this little gadget and I was in heaven.  You can freeze a well-mixed (very key) popsicle mixture in 7-9 minutes. What?! I know! 

I gave you the link to the Zoku site above.  They have really helpful hints in perfecting the perfect popsicle.  I followed them to the T…well, almost.  Since I have never made a popsicle, I needed a little guidance in the proportion of fruit, sugar and liquid to the recipe.  Zoku has a blog with really cool (pardon the pun) recipes, one of which made me laugh – Mother’s Little Helper – made with champagne, orange juice and strawberries for color.  From this blog I got my ideas and here they are:

  • Strawberry, Basil & Lime – made with strawberries, basil and lime (duh!)
  • Berry, Berry, Berry Good Popsicle – made with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and Grande Marnier for a kick
  • Berry Pop with Chocolate Mint – made with blackberries, raspberries and chocolate mint (yes, there is such a mint.  Look at specialty garden stores – the mega home improvement may not have it)

Before you get excited and want to go buy this fabulous do-hicky, you must know that the Zoku maker has to be in the freezer for 24 hours before making popsicles, so plan ahead! 

Basil and fruit?! What?!

Strawberry, Basil & Lime
10 ozs strawberries, stems removed
3 tablespoons sugar
1/3 cup water
1 teaspoon lime zest
1/2 lime, juiced
5 basil leaves, roughly chopped


You better love seeds!

Berry, Berry, Berry Good Popsicle
1 cup blueberries
1 cup raspberries
1 cup blackberries
3-4 tablespoons sugar
1/3 cup water
1/2 teaspoon lime zest
1 tablespoon Grande Marnier (optional or use OJ)

Chocolate mint is so good

Berry Pop with Chocolate Mint
1 1/2 cups raspberries
1 1/2 cups blackberries
3-4 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon chocolate mint, minced
1/3 cup water
1 tablespoon orange juice

All the recipes are prepared the same.  Place all ingredients for your popsicle in the blender.  Puree till smooth.

I chopped everything for easier blending

It is advised to chill the pureed fruit before putting in the Zoku maker, so I popped mine in the freezer for about 10 minutes.  Perfect!

Trifecta of goodness

Place your sticks in the maker, pour your liquid to the fill-line.

Lawd, I shake too much for this.

And wait 9 minutes.  They say a watched pot never boils…well, that goes for popsicles freezing as well.


Still waiting...please freeze!

Still waiting...playing sudoku waiting on Zoku

So after 9 minutes, use their fancy-dancy tool to help remove the pops, put on the drip cup and enjoy!

As you can see, you can add thin slices of fruit into your popsicle. Cute, I know!

Glass holding jars not included

These pops were delicious!  Cold, tart, berry-y.  I had my top taste-testers on duty to help…top, meaning the only people around me – Mom & the Ray.  After tasting here is our decision:

#1 – Berry Pop with Chocolate Mint – seriously, it was absolutely amazing.  Just enough mint to hint the chocolate undertone. 
#2 – Berry, Berry, Berry Good Popsicle – we liked the kick the Grand Marnier gave it
#3 – Strawberry Basil – I think I put too much lime (I adjusted the recipe above) and so you couldn’t taste the basil.  

Shown in order of yummy-ness from left to right

Summer is upon us and it will be hot this year, battle that heat with some cool (and good for you) popsicles.  But if you do try, don’t leave out a little mischief! 😉

P.S. Just a word to the wise, if you are like Josh and hate the seeds of blackberries and raspberries, you need to strain your liquid first before chilling…otherwise, you can walk around that party like this.

Do I have soemthing in my teeth?

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12 Responses to “Mischief Tested & Mischief Approved!”

  1. Brooke Wright Says:

    Love it and the recipes sound great!!! My kids would love it
    We are in MAJOR popsicle making mode right now and yo not have to wait all day would be great!!!!!

    • Matthew Says:

      Brooke, you would love this. Only thing – Zoku suggests not making pops out of sugar free Kool-aid…which is werid.

      But with a lot a fruit you could pour a little benedryl in them – nap time for kids. 🙂 kidding.

  2. Sarah Bailey Says:

    This looks fun AND delicious! I don’t need one of those, but I sure do want one. Time to come up with a justification!

    • Matthew Says:

      Sarah, there are two sizes – two pop and three pop. With the heat we are having now, you deserve one. 😉

      • Sarah Bailey Says:

        I got one! I’ve made orange creamsicles, strawberries and cream, peach, chocolate, chocolate banana, and… tomato basil! I’ve had this idea in my head for a tomato basil gelato for awhile and thought I should just try it as a popsicle. They were interesting but definitely had potential.

  3. Laura Says:

    Here in Nashville, We have Las Paletas gourmet popsicles, featuring flavors like chocolate-wasabi . If the ingredient proportions are right, it is YUM…with a cool kick.

  4. Susie Says:

    Thanks! Now I know what to get my hubby for father’s day 🙂 – he’s a 40 something year old who loves a good popsicle!

    • Matthew Says:

      They make a two pop and three pop. If he comes up with something great, let me know about it!

  5. renee@mykitchenadventures Says:

    thanks for the shared link for some fun and delicious flavor combos! this thing really is fun and cool. Here is the link to my combo (although can’t take credit, it’s right out of the cookbook! ) it was fantastically delicious non-the-less!

    we also tried a chocolate banana one and next on my list is a PB and J one!

  6. Patty Says:

    I was surprised to find chocolate basil at my local (Ricmond, VA) Lowe’s last weekend. I didn’t buy it because it’s still a bit early. Now I’m sorry because it will probably be gone by this weekend.

    • Matthew Says:

      I am currently stalking my local home improvement stores and local nurseries for it.

      Hope you find it. Looks great and tastes even better. 😉

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