Did You Say Meatloaf Omelet?


*Note: There is no meatloaf in this omelet.

Not exactly, but we’ll get to that. One of my favorite things to do on Saturday morning is to head to the Pepper Place Farmers’ Market and shop until I drop (or at least until I blow through my $40 allowance).

Then we get home, with bags-a-bulging, and start unpacking our spoils. Speaking of spoils, the next step is to purge the crisper of last week’s wishful thinking. Even though I try to get to all my veggie friends, there’s inevitably a little bit of arugula, a lonely green onion, or maybe a mushroom or two loitering about. Good intentions, slowly going bad…

Last Saturday, instead of dooming these misfits to the rubbish bin, I invited them all to breakfast. I decided to do a Leftovers Omelet. I know this name hits about a 6 on the Repugnance Scale, but we’re not talking about meatloaf here — we’re talking about farm-fresh vegetables. Okay, farm fresh-ish.

The beauty of an omelet is several-fold. The cooking process disguises any droopiness your veggies may have acquired after a week in cold storage. ‘Wilted’ sounds so much more delicious when it’s on purpose, right? Second, cheese is the social lubricant of your omelet party. You can invite a few weirdo leftovers as long as you have plenty of cheese. Lastly, by this time, you are probably STARVING, which means your omelet will be 87% more delicious. SCORE.

See the clock? By 10 a.m., I could eat dirt omelets and declare them delicious!

The process is simple: pick your poisons, combine them in a bowl, and pour in a pan. Last Saturday, I used some leftover cappricola (a cured meat, like prosciutto), arugula, green onions, smoked mozzarella, Parmesan, and a slight glug of milk. Oh, and lots of salt and pepper.

Tip: Leftover bread-ends from Mix make delicious mini-toasts!

As far as cooking is concerned, I’ll go ahead and be honest — I think you must be God-fearing with a healthy prayer life to successfully flip an omelet. You know I love Jesus, but I drink a little. Consequently, my omelet flipping is haphazard at best. Usually I can get one done OK. Then I flip the other one and it goes careening out of the pan, nicking the stove hood, then spirals out of control, shedding bits of omelet flotsam across my stovescape.

I'm preparing to curse LOUDLY...

Caught in the act of cursing! (Why am I pointing?)

Good luck. Just use lots of Pam, pray a little bit, give the pan a jerk and flip, and be sure to CURSE loudly. My go-to omelet expletive is “Holy Shit!” …if that helps. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you do dare to flip, take a picture of the crash site for me. Have a wonderful (and safe) Memorial Day Weekend!

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One Response to “Did You Say Meatloaf Omelet?”

  1. Michele Says:

    Looks great! Have you ever used leftovers to make migas? It’s another great way to use up your veggies!

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