Sushi Week, Day 5: Nothin’ but Mischief


Editors’ Note: Welcome to the final day of Sushi Week. It’s been four days of frenzied fun. Read on for the mischief…

Wow, what a week! Can you believe we made it through without major injury or sending Ray into shock? Even though we had a little mischief along the way, we saved the best for last. We’ll start with a few outtakes from our “photo shoot.”

Josh:  Ray’s saying, “Act natural!” Because my natural state of being involves mock-eating sushi in the corner of my dining room.

Matthew:  And I naturally walk around with a plate of crudite…no seriously, I do.

Josh:  Matthew responds to “act natural” by putting a piece of asparagus in his mouth. Did I mention that we had been drinking?

Matthew:  I was trying to make you laugh and you gave me the “Whaaa?” look.

Josh:  I’m not sure what’s going on here…perhaps the asparagus tasted bad?

Matthew:  I don’t know if it was that or we were discussing the after effects of eating asparagus.  (I will go no farther with this discussion)

Josh:  Now Matthew is trying to use the asparagus as chopsticks. It worked out about as well as you’d imagine.

Matthew:  Watermelon Margarita told me to do it.

Josh:  There’s Matthew unhinging his jaw to eat one of my Lane Bryant sushi rolls. And I’ve got that fan. I loved that damn fan. All night, I was fanning like a geisha.

Matthew:  That roll was huge!  Glad I had my kiddie chopsticks to help.  When I saw that fan in World Market, I bee-lined for it.  I knew Josh would love it.  Josh loves him a fan.

Josh:  This is when Peter lept up, snagged the sushi roll out of mouth, and darted into the kitchen. At least that’s what it looks like from the expressions on our faces!

Matthew:  I personally think David made a snide comment from the kicthen and this was the “I am holding a platter of crudite and I am not afraid to use it!” look.    

Josh:  By this point, we had a boatload of extra sushi, and no one was interested in eating it, not even Peter. So of course we made a sushi tower out of it.

Matthew:  This is the future of food…a sushi tower.  Josh, you’re a genius!

Josh:  Then we realized that Ray had the Flip video camera,  so I suggested a nori-eating contest. I thought it was a great idea…

Josh: Turns out it wasn’t. I actually gagged on film. It was so dry…like eating catfood. Not that I would know.

Matthew:  Did you know that nori is seaweed and algea dried in the sun to resemble paper?  You know what? It tasted like it as well, hence the gagging.       

Josh:  And that was it. I don’t know what did us in, the nori, the sushi, or the sake, but we were beaten.

Matthew:  My kiddie chopsticks and I were in a sushi, sake coma.  We needed a nap. 

So, what’s the verdict on making your own sushi?

Josh:  Well, I enjoyed it, and have already promised to do it again with friends, but I tell you what — I will never have a problem with paying for sushi again. I believe anybody can do it, but it’s an art and a big process, so I’m happy to leave it to the prepared experts.

Matthew:  I had a blast.  And yes, I will do it again but with more people.  I would love to see what different rolls people could come up with…that would be pure mischief.     

Well, friends — thus concludes Sushi Week. Thank you all so much for sharing our adventures. Keep checking the blog for more recipes, more fun, and of course — more Mischief.

11 Responses to “Sushi Week, Day 5: Nothin’ but Mischief”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    The video made the week. I love how josh tries to suck down some sake to make it all better and that made it worse. Loved sushi week!!!!

  2. Jamie Says:

    It has been a great week of posts. Not sure that I will be rolling my own anytime soon by myself, but maybe at a sushi party (hint subtlely implied).

  3. Josh Says:

    Thanks, Jen and Jamie, for being such loyal readers!

  4. Dawn Says:

    Just found you guys a couple of weeks ago. Frickin hilarious! You made my week this week. Can’t wait for more Mischief!

    • Matthew Says:

      Dawn, I’m glad you found us! We love getting feed back or ideas from readers so send’em if you gott’em.

      By the way, Kicthen Mischief has a Facebook page if you would like to join. It will let you know when we update the post.

      Thanks again!

  5. Laurin Says:

    Lane Bryant sushi rolls! LOL

  6. Cheryl Says:

    I loved sushi week! Ya’ll are a hoot and this was by far the funniest of your posts.

  7. Randall k. Warren Says:

    I may be your dad, but I really enjoy you and josh and ray in your cheffing . In the future please do some chilli dishes.

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