Welcome to Sushi Week!


With the blessings of Happy Cat, we bring you Sushi Week!

Well, it’s finally here — Sushi Week! After sifting through more than 200 pictures (carefully snapped from a distance by Ray, who is deathly allergic to seafood…so he says), we’re finally ready to show you what happens when two kitchen enthusiasts tackle sushi-making for the first time. It was definitely an experience to be had. We survived, just barely. We hope you enjoy our photo essay of our sushi mischief.

The Holy Grail of Sushi Week: Ahi Tuna!

Matthew: When looking for tuna, be sure to ask for sushi grade.This was a perfect size piece for what we needed; however, I think this was the last piece in Birmingham.  Everywhere we went they were out. The nice lady at Crestline Seafood Company let us have the piece she had and 86’ed the appetizer she was going to use it in.

Josh: My mischief began with the damn tuna. My first stop (recommended by a coworker with a Japanese wife) was closed; Whole Foods was out of tuna. So I stopped at Crestline Seafood and she gave me her “last” tuna…which was frozen solid. Somehow Matthew stopped by later talked her out of her thawed tuna. How does he do that? Snake charmer!

We made Ray try wasabi for the first time. Why is that so much fun?

Matthew: I had no idea on how to convert the powered wasabi into that play-doh like consistency so I bought wasabi in a tube.  Though it tasted good and blended into the soy sauce nicely, I still couldn’t get over the fact that it looked like a tube of Ben-Gay or Preparation-H.  Lawd knows you don’t want to get those mixed up!

Josh: Ummm…just add water? LOL. The tube did work well for flair-full garnishing, but it did look a bit like baby poop. I got a can of dry wasabi from Whole Foods…I like it because you can secretly sprinkle it on Ray’s food and he doesn’t know it…

Kitchen Mischief's Sushi Mascot: David Amidala

Matthew: I think David was the happiest Gay-sha there.  Possibly because Josh was letting him eat carbs that night…or he was making the Watermelon Margaritas too strong.

Josh: Yeah, those margaritas were pretty strong. I’m going to go ahead and blame my lackluster sushi construction on my husband’s liberal-handed bartending.

Boom.boom.boom.boom...my heart is pounding from fear...

Matthew: The look on my face states, “I think it goes this way.”  The look on Josh’s face says, “Crazy fool! Just put on the board, we’ll figure it out later.” Jesus take the wheel!

Josh: At this point, I’m starting to get nervous. We’ve got 10 cups of rice ready, 28 sheets of nori, and about 4 pounds of assorted seafood. You would have thought we were suggesting Jesus serve sushi instead of loaves and fishes. And to top it all off, we had to cover the sushi mat with my mortal enemy, saran wrap. I almost suffocated myself ten minutes in.

So, after watching dozens of YouTube videos, sharpening our knives, and saying a prayer or two, we dove in headfirst. Rice was thrown! Fingers were sliced! And the food? Well, if we didn’t make gorgeous suhsi, we did make some proper mischief.


5 Responses to “Welcome to Sushi Week!”

  1. Ray Says:

    I think I’m breaking out a little just reading this…

  2. Jamie Says:

    Finally!!! Can’t wait to see all the good-looking (and assuming great tasting) rolls that were created.

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