The Things I’ll Do for an Avocado…


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I’m not a fan of cold soup—at all. Gazpacho? It’s just watery salsa. Vichyssoise? I had to check the dictionary to spell it. Despite my usual liberal culinary leanings, I’m a virtual Tea Bagger when it comes to soup. If it ain’t hot—I ain’t interested.

But then my friend Jennifer sent me a link to a recipe for Avocado Bisque. I was immediately intrigued—she had me at avocado. Although I wasn’t thrilled about eating something at a temperature that wouldn’t have gotten me out of school—I decided to give it a try. Not only did I have two very ripe avocados at home, but I was due for some Kitchen Mischief. (Note: I have just decided that Bisque should be spelled like Risqué, and pronounced “Bis-kayyy!” Just fyi.)

The recipe seemed a little questionably inspired (it suggested combining chipotle powder and dried rosemary…I was like, “What the what??”) so I of course took matters into my own paws.  However, I did keep the proportions intact. This is an important point. I’ll explain…

First, I added a quarter cup of lime juice to the blender, as instructed. Then I added two very ripe avocados. The recipe called for a TBSP of oil, some miso, rosemary, and chipotle powder. And that’s all. I was like, “What kind of damn ex-hippie wrote this recipe?” Asian-Italian-Mexican Avocado bisque (bis-kayy!)? Oh, geez. So I decided to depart the flavor path of my stoned vegetarian brother and stick to one regional cuisine: Mexican. To the mix, I added about a half cup of sliced scallions, a quarter cup of chopped cilantro, 2 TBSP of sour cream, and a splash of chicken stock. Then I hit the mix button.

I think the hippie got confused and posted his recipe for Fusion Guacamole. Granted, I added a bit more greenery, but there’s no way his recipe yielded a bisque (bis-kayy!). More like guacamole pudding. Thus the Mischief began. I blended, whirred, mixed, and grinded, adding chicken stock until the blender yielded me something remotely bisque-esque. It was pretty much an entire carton of stock.

But it turned out pretty good. I garnished with some yellow bell pepper, cilantro, scallion, and chili powder. I told David it was probably one of my prettier plates! Would I do it again? Hmmm…maybe, for the right occasion. If you’re into strange things, like wearing socks with Birkenstocks, taking a bath with your clothes on, or eating cold soup, you’d probably love it!

I served my Avocado Bisque (Bis-kayyy!) alongside a grilled Mexican-spiced chicken breast atop another Mischief creation, Quinoa Vegetable Salad. It was supposed to be its own Kitchen Mischief post, but I had several altercations during the cooking process, including having to strain it through cheesecloth. Don’t ask…it was a micro-disaster. It ended up tasting good, but I have some work to do before I can share a recipe for that one!

That’s it for today. Work has been crazy, so my Mischief has suffered. But I really had a great time playing in the kitchen and experimenting with these “recipes.” Take a minute during this long weekend and make some Mischief yourself…just be wary of hippies advocating chipotle-rosemary alchemy. Cause everything tastes good when you’re…you know. 😉


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