Should I Get Her a Cookie? No, Juice is Better.


Dear Readers,

It is with my most sincere regret that I must inform you of a Kitchen Mischief Mistake.

If you know me pretty well, then you’ve probably had my Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Coconut cookies. I am obsessed with them. I talk about them all the time, and make them almost once a week. I even blogged about them. I went on and on about how healthy they were, blah blah blah. So imagine my horror when I printed out the recipe from the blog last night and realized that I made a mistake and DOUBLED the amount of sugar.

So if you tried to make these based on that recipe, and then slipped into a diabetic coma, I am so sorry. The recipe has been corrected, so can enjoy the cookies without having a fit like Shelby from Steel Magnolias.

That being said, Kitchen Mischief is off to the beach! Check back for more Mischief as we attempt some home cooking in our temporary home! 😉

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