A Kitchen Mischief Play Date


Matthew's Dinner To Go

This past Tuesday night, Matthew and I got together to plan some menus while I cooked supper (Really we just wanted an excuse to drink Rosé while the boys were at Spin Class).

Matthew did most of the menu planning, while I darted around the kitchen in true mischief form, cobbling together a savory bread pudding recipe. Matthew can attest—the kitchen was a wreck, but the results turned out pretty darn good. I’m not going to even try to relay the “recipe.” I think the best lessons to share from this experience are that (1) bread puddings don’t have to be sweet; (2) you can really throw anything in once you get the proportions right; and (3) the leftovers heat up nicely, so they’re a great make-ahead.

Inspiration from Cooking Light
I got the idea to do a savory bread pudding while perusing MyRecipes.com. Cooking Light had a recipe for Asparagus and Ham Bread Pudding with Fontina. I was like, “Yes, Ma’am!” Check out the recipe here. They used egg beaters and fat free milk (I doubled the recipe and added an egg and used 1% milk), so it’s still relatively light.

I was excited about spring, so I added some fresh mushrooms from the Real Food market, asparagus, green onions, and of course the requisite garlic and onion. I was going to go meatless to honor my friend Jennifer, who has challenged me to adopt “Meatless Mondays,” but I had some leftover turkey sausage, so that went in. You could easily go meatless though, and I just might next time. Wait a minute…Jennifer, are eggs qualified as “meat” ? I know the biological answer, but what does my Mostly Vegetarian Friend have to say about it?

The Process (sorta)
Like I said, I won’t bother you on a recipe…use the link above to truly guide you. I’m trying to sell you on the ease of the process. The fun thing is that you can use the egg/liquid/bread proportions from the recipe and just add whatever you like. You start by cubing bread and adding a layer to your baking dish. Then you add your briefly sauteed veggies, meat, then cheese, then the milk & egg mixture. Bake, and you’re done. The only thing I would do differently is to toast the bread cubes first, so they retain their crunch…like croutons.

Since I doubled the recipe, I sent Matthew home with that tray of ramekins pictured above. I think that’s what they ate for dinner…but who knows? It could have ended up in the trash. Matthew’s text afterward described it as a “tasty little quiche.” Makes sense, since I was not really following a recipe, and had to make more liquid mixture at the very end. Hey…I never claimed to be a planner.

After it was all said and done, the kitchen was clean, the menus were planned, and the Rosé bottle was in the recycle bin. Oh, and dinner was served. Not bad for some mid-week mischief! Check out the Cooking Light recipe and have fun creating your own savory bread pudding recipe this weekend! 😉

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9 Responses to “A Kitchen Mischief Play Date”

  1. Ben Says:

    I think you need to consult another mostly Vegetarian. I have broken Jennifer, I cook a lot of bacon, but I dont eat much bacon…….The dogs eat no bacon……There is a scientific explanation for this. I’ll go consult some Einstein theories… MC2 = pork?

  2. Matthew Says:

    I actually loved this recipe – I do want to try them with the suggested toasted crutons. The best part – the ramekins shown in the picture are now in my possession…I don’t think Josh saw that coming.

  3. Carrie Says:

    For the most part, eggs ARE considered vegetarian. The eggs we buy and eat aren’t fertilized (generally) and can’t develop into an animal anyway, so most vegetarians consider them ethically similar to dairy, and we eat both.

    Vegans, on the other hand, don’t eat anything an animal was used to produce — so no eggs, no dairy, no honey, gelatin, red dye, or a host of other products.

    Of course, there are vegetarians who don’t eat eggs or dairy, as there are “vegetarians” who do eat fish — but this isn’t the common definition, so these people mostly know to specify all their restrictions/allowances when they’re invited to dinner parties.

  4. Kitchen Mischief Beach Trip Highlights « Kitchen Mischief! Says:

    […] sausage from the shrimp boil, and I tackled a foccacia bread pudding, since my last post was about savory bread puddings. It turned out alright…we cut the focaccia into cubes and toasted it, so it held some crunch. […]

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