Fast Food Friday


Just because I love to cook doesn’t mean I don’t love the convenience of a fast food. However, I do hate the fact that most fast food is super-loaded with fat and wasteful calories without being that good. They call it junk food for a reason—it’s just a bunch of trash ingredients mashed together in a branded package. Blech! But hold the phone…there are two “fast” food establishments that I truly love…one for dinner and one for dessert.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Before you say it, yes, I know it’s owned by McDonald’s. It doesn’t matter. McDonald’s bought the chain because they know a good idea when they see it. Unlike most “cheap” Mexican restaurants like Moe’s, Qdoba, and (ugh) Taco Bell, Chipotle uses fresh salsas (three kinds! With fresh cilantro!) real, sustainably raised meats (seriously), and even serves fresh guacamole (not paste…with actual hunks of avocado). This is not Mexican dog food—this is seriously good stuff. Ask my friend Courtney—she’s Mexican and she loves it. It works like a Moe’s…you have the options of tacos, burritos, and salads, and you pick your meat and toppings. No cheese slathering here…it’s mostly good stuff. Read more about their story here.

What I Order:
I always get the Carnitas Crispy Tacos with corn salsa, and a side of guacamole and chips. It’s extra, but worth it.

Yogurt Mountain

I really don’t know why we’re so ga-ga over this place…it’s basically a do-it-yourself TCBY.  Doesn’t matter though…cause it’s soooo good. You walk in, grab a container, and treat yourself to the wall of yogurt dispensers…everything from vanilla to berry to cake batter, with many fat-free options. Once you’ve left the Great Wall of Yogurt, then it’s on to the Double Decker Canyon of Toppings, which is also DIY. Choices include everything from fruit to granola to pretty much every cereal in the General Mills product line. (Seriously, who eats Fruity Pebbles on their yogurt? Somebody must!) Anyway, it’s  a pretty healthy way to get a dessert fix without resorting to a chalky fast-food milkshake or—God help us—one of those fried apple pies. Find out more about Yogurt Mountain here.

What I Order:
A delicious mixture of fat-free vanilla and (probably not fat free) cake batter yogurt with a topping of granola. I had one tonight thanks to Spinny McTwo-a-days who decreed Thursday was Yogurt Mountain night. Hooray!

So fast food doesn’t always have to be nasty and guilt-inducing. You don’t have to feel like Precious eating that whole bucket of chicken. Just choose wisely and enjoy thoroughly. Have a lovely weekend and check out these chains…you won’t be disappointed. 😉


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2 Responses to “Fast Food Friday”

  1. Bob Says:

    FYI, McDonald’s divested half of their shares in January 2006 when CMG went public and all of their remaining shares in October 2006. Since that date, they have been totally independent and publicly owned (NYSE: CMG) and by the way, they have added 500 company-owned restaurants since McDonald’s departed for a current total of about 1,000.

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