New Year’s Mischief


Happy New year!

New Year’s is upon us, the last big party of the year and the first big party of 2010.  It’s a time to ring in the New Year with friends and family.  Ray and I have thrown a New Year’s party for the past six years, so we have had our fair share of masterpieces and mischief when it comes to planning.  So let’s look at a few good ideas and of course, a few bad ideas:    

Cordials ready for the 9pm toast

Cordials ready for the 9pm toast

Good Ideas:                

  • Have a small toast every hour starting at 9pm – ask friends to give a toast on friends/family, prosperity, or love.  This keeps the party moving and gives guests something to look forward to throughout the evening.  Need drink ideas? Try some of the concoctions from Kitchen Mischief’s Drunk Week.  
  • Provide enough room for guests – remove unneeded furniture from entertaining areas. (You might want to move your breakables to another room for the night – you know how rowdy your friends can be)
  • Have cleaning products handy – there is always a spill.  
 Bad Ideas:  
  • Fireworks in the house – those little confetti poppers are the bane of my existence.  If they get wet, it will stain your floor or carpet.
  • Home renovation the week of the party– I think the lead-in says it all. 
  • Don’t turn on the TV – Unless it is a game day, the TV is the #1 party killer.  People start watching and get quiet.  Turn it on for the ball dropping in Time Square and then shut it off.  You’ll want people to mingle and chat; talk about their New Year’s resolutions, etc.  

But a party is nothing without food and drinks, right?   Our party tends to be large so here are few tips on planning that festive spread for any size party:      

Food for the guests

Party Table           

  • Plan dishes that can stay at room temperature – dips and cheese trays are great for these types of parties. Sushi or raw fish?  Not so much.  
  • Avoid single serving hors d’oeuvres – they look great on a platter but to continually assemble these bite-size beauties becomes tedious.  You will never leave the kitchen. Think dips, cured meat trays, cheese trays – this is your chance to follow our serving tips. You’ll want to enjoy the evening yourself and not spend all night working the food table.  
  • Serve food with alcohol – when providing alcohol; always serve at least one heavy hors d’oeuvre.  Providing carbohydrates will keep your guests from getting, shall we say, sloshed.     
 Adult beverages    

Common bar setup

  • BYOB – if you don’t want the expense of providing liquor, at least provide the mixers; sodas, tonic, club soda, juices are a few suggestions.
  • Non-drinkers – for those who do not partake in alcoholic beverages, provide alternatives; the mixers mentioned above should do the trick. 
  • Auga – have bottled waters on hand.  This will help with two things, providing an alternative to alcohol and also keeping your drinkers sober.  The rule of thumb is a glass of water to every two drinks (good luck with that!)  

Public Service Announcement
If you are serving adult beverages at your party, have safe transportation available for those who party a little too much.  Either have your guests choose a designated driver or keep the name/number of a taxi service nearby.  We like mischief in the kitchen not on the roads so play it safe.  Think someone is too drunk to drive, they probably are.  I’ll stop being McGruff the Crime Dog now.         

Most of all, have fun.  When the clock strikes midnight find that special someone for a New Year’s kiss and let your friends know that you wish them a Happy New Year.         

Speaking of friends, Josh and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  We appreciate everyone’s support in reading these small, snippets of our lives.  We have a lot more mischief to come in 2010, so keep reading and let us know what you think.    


2 Responses to “New Year’s Mischief”

  1. David Says:

    You neglected to mention Beyonce in your toasting topics… it’s family/friends, love, prosperity and Beyonce. I can’t wait! I’m terribly excited. I had no idea you guys served food at this thing!! And it’s like my 5th one!!

  2. Ben Says:


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