Happy Holidays from Kitchen Mischief


Christmas Eve Mischief

 Just a quick note from the boys at Kitchen Mischief, wishing you a very happy holiday season! Matthew’s off at his mom’s, surely cooking up some delicious dishes. Meanwhile, I’m in Mississippi with David and the fam, repeatedly making a disaster out of the kitchen and then repairing the damage…only to do it all over again.

We made individual Beef Wellingtons for dinner last night, and they were a success. Other projects have included mini cheesecakes, mini apple pies, and mini panna-cottas. If only we would all be “mini” after eating all of it!
Alright…it’s off to the kitchen to check on the pork tenderloin, reduce the marinade, and clean up one last time before the family arrives. I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season, full of fun, happiness, and at least a reasonable portion of  mischief. 😉
Mischief Update
Happy Holidays everyone! This is Matthew.  Just a quick story – I walked in to my sister’s home on Christmas Eve and there was an odd smell of burnt sugar and chocolate.  Not a horrible smell but not a pleasant one either.  As soon as I walked in the kitchen, my sister says, “I burned my chocolate cobbler!”  I giggled a little and reached for my iPhone to take a picture and she screamed, “are you putting this on Kitchen Mischief?!”  Well, as her brother I need to state that she is an excellent cook.  She makes some of the best dishes, however Josh and I have shown readers that everyone makes a mistake.  So I show you this dessert disaster as an education tool to show that if you triple a recipe, you probably need to triple the size of the pan.  Who am I trying to kid – this is an AWESOME chocolate explosion. 

Looks like the oven threw up.


One Response to “Happy Holidays from Kitchen Mischief”

  1. Amy Crim Says:

    This was a disaster but we got a good laugh out of it. Oh! believe it or not it tasted good.

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