Drunk Week, Day 4: Where Am I?

Our friend Keith "helps" garnish the glass...

Our friend Keith "helps" garnish the glass...

I woke up this morning in a ditch in Alabaster, dressed in a mauve tennis skirt, with a vague memory of singing a lullaby to a dead raccoon. It’s time for Drunk Week to be done. Alas, we have two days left. So here we go!

How can we top delicious martinis, herb-infused lemonades, and elaborate margaritas? By going the opposite direction. So far, our cocktails have been delicious but complex. Sometimes you just want to take it easy, to not have to buy 87 different liqueurs. That’s what today’s posting is all about.

Well, that, and the fact that we were knee-deep drunk by this point in the testing process, and starting making a lot of MISCHIEF, which you’ll read about tomorrow.

But back to simplicity…what’s more simple than opening a bottle of champagne? For starters, it’s an instant party. The POP!, the fizz (this is starting to sound like an Alka Seltzer commercial) …bubbles are just fun. And you can easily take that fun to the next level with some “drop-ins” for your drink.

Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries…oh my! They just make champagne more fun. The bubbles surround the berries, making them bounce and dance playfully in the glass. Do they enhance the flavor? Perhaps a little. Really it’s just a novelty…something fun to make an ordinary glass of sparkling wine stand out. It was our unanimous vote that blueberries were the most fun.

So go ahead…garnish to your heart’s content. Just remember when you’re slinging back that champagne…there are berries involved, and berries are a choking hazard. Nothing grinds a party to a screeching halt like the Heimlech maneuver. 😉


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